Public Outreach

Public Outreach

Lectures & Talks

A podcast on the incompatibility of science and religion

A brief history of Imre Lakatos and his contributions to LSE

A brief talk on the history of the LSE Philosophy Department

A brief talk about Evidence Based Medicine

A Lecture about Structural Realism and why Psillos is wrong (given at a conference at the University of Western Ontario)

A brief talk about theory change and Scientific Realism

A brief talk about causal hypotheses in medicine

A brief talk on Popper and Kuhn on theory change

A lecture entitled: “The ‘Universe’ Starring Humankind?’ discussing the impact of scientific revolutions on humankind’s view of itself

My “Exaugural” Lecture at the LSE on “Evidence-Based Everything, but let’s do the Basing Properly

A Ted Talk on scientific revolutions and Structural Realism (at a one day conference with the general title ‘Brave New World’)

A Lecture analysing  a classic case of a Lakatosian degenerating research programme in current medicine (on the occasion of a conference to mark Imre Lakatos’s Centenary at LSE, November 2022)

Blogs, Interviews & Profiles

An interview with the British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy

An interview contributing to the Oral History Project about the LSE (I don’t know who invented ‘Jim Worrell’)

A blog on Homeopathy and Evidence-Based Policy

A blog on the Placebo Effect and Evidence-Based Policy

A blog about The Ethical Homeopathic Placebo

Humanists UK produced this profile to mark my appointment as Patron

A blog about statins and cardio-vascular disease

Radio Appearances

With Nancy Cartwright and Antony O’Hear, I discuss Karl Popper and Philosophy of Science generally, on Melvyn Bragg’s “In Our Time”

The Way Out

With Simon Schaffer and Michela Massimi, I discuss the idea that there is such a thing as the Scientific Method on Melvyn Bragg’s “In Our Time”

The Basis of Brexit: Immigration

I participate in a discussion on the impact of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book “The Black Swan”

Not a radio appearance (thought it should have been!), with Alex Vorhoove on lead vocals, my band, The Critique of Pure Rhythm – performs my song ‘Possible Worlds